Stephen Colbert Unfriends Putin From Facebook Over a Picture at the Drudge Report

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert took some comedic shots at Russian President Vladimir Putin Thursday.

At the beginning of his show, Colbert unfriended Putin from Facebook because of a picture of the Russian President posted at the Drudge Report.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Folks, you know me, I don't anger easily. You have to do something really unforgivable like disagree with me. Well, tonight I got a bee in my babushka about President Vladimir Putin. He has written an anti-American editorial in today's the New York Times.

Folks, it's not just in the Times, it's been reprinted everywhere. It even made the front page of the Drudge Report, and I was shocked to see the picture they ran with it. Here he is with his dirty vodka-stained hands all over old glory.

Hmm, hmm. Where have I seen that picture before? Oh yeah, it's my promo shot from when I started this show. Yeah. They just put Putin’s head on my body, and cut off my arm. My arm. I kid, oh, okay. I couldn't even figure out how they got that photo. Clearly Putin’s been stealing pictures from my Facebook page. Excuse me. Unfriend, all right.

(HT longtime friend Craig Moncho)

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