Hannity's Right: Cumulus Managing Its Radio Stations Into the Dirt

NewsBusters reported Friday that counter to claims by the liberal media, conservative talk radio host Sean Hannity fired the Cumulus network due to his concerns about how the owners are managing their stations.

Data obtained by NewsBusters show that Hannity is actually right, and that in the key demographic of people aged 25 to 54, Cumulus has lost roughly 50 percent of its listeners since buying the stations in September 2011.

Here are the numbers:

  • New York WABC down 45.3 percent
  • Los Angeles KABC down 61.9 percent
  • WLS Chicago down 47.6 percent
  • KGO San Francisco down 57.4 percent
  • WJR Detroit down 50.9 percent
  • Kansas City KCMO down 52.9 percent
  • Nashville down 33.3 percent
  • Memphis down 50 percent
  • Albuquerque down 20.8 percent

To be sure, Cumulus in recent months has blamed Hannity and Rush Limbaugh for its ratings decline.

Yet in the two biggest radio markets in the country, Hannity's numbers are faring far better than Cumulus is.

In Los Angeles, KABC's ratings are down 62 percent since September 2011. Hannity is only down thirteen percent.

In New York, WABC's ratings are down 45 percent. Hannity is only down 3.2 percent.

Meanwhile, in July 2013, Hannity’s three hours on the air in New York and Los Angeles are ranked #1, #2 and #3 for all broadcasting on each station.

As such, Cumulus management seems to be responsible for its plummeting ratings, and blaming it on Hannity is a smokescreen.

Let's see the liberal media always quick to pronounce conservative talk radio dead report that.

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