Touré: Tavis Smiley Only Invited on Meet the Press Because He's a 'Black Hater of Obama'

On Sunday, NewsBusters wondered how much heat PBS's Tavis Smiley would get for making negative comments about Barack Obama.

The answer came quickly when MSNBC's Toure Neblett tweeted, "Tavis gets value out of being the Prez of the Black Haters of Obama Club. Example: without that he wouldn't have been on MeetThePress today":

As Neblett works for MSNBC, one has to wonder how NBC executives are going to feel about one of their employees publicly criticizing one of their programs in such a fashion.

Stay tuned.

But Smiley wasn't the only black Meet the Press guest Neblett attacked. He tweeted similar disdain for talk radio host David Webb:

As we've been witnessing, liberal African-Americans in the media aren't very tolerant of blacks that don't share their opinion.

Exactly why is that?

Are only fellow liberals deserving of respect and common decency?

Apparently so.

(HT Twitchy)

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