Fox News's Andy Levy Trashes Huffington Post: 'Hacky Pieces of Garbage'

April 21st, 2013 7:11 PM

Fox News's Andy Levy - he of Red Eye fame - absolutely trashed the Huffington Post Saturday for falsely accusing his network of reporting actress Zooey Deschanel was a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

In a series of tweets in response to the article, Levy called the Post "pathetic," "an embarrassment," and "hacky pieces of garbage":

For some background, the Post published an article Saturday with the front page headline "Fox News Identifies Boston Bombing Suspect As...Zooey Deschanel":

The article correctly reported that radio producer Peter Obburn on Friday tweeted the following picture writing "Oh come on, Fox":

This ended up making its way to Deschanel who tweeted Friday:

But here's what the Post missed and eventually had to correct: this wasn't aired on Fox News. This was Fox's broadcast affiliate in Dallas.


Beyond this, the Fox affiliate didn't report this. It's closed captioning which regularly makes all kinds of spelling errors.

As such, although the Post issued the following clarification at some point - "The headline on this article has been amended to reflect that the mistake about Zooey Deschanel being a suspect was made during a news broadcast on a local Fox affiliate, not the national cable news network"- when I woke up Sunday, the headline at the Post's front page still read "Fox News Identifies Boston Bombing Suspect As...Zooey Deschanel."

As Levy said, "pathetic."

(HT Twitchy)