Al Sharpton to Chris Matthews: 'We’re Not Engaging in Americans Hating Each Other'

Al Sharpton on Monday said one of the funniest things uttered on MSNBC this year.

Talking with Chris Matthews immediately after President Obama's speech in Hartford, Connecticut, Sharpton said - with a straight face no less! - "We’re not engaging in Americans hating each other" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

AL SHARPTON, HOST: We’re not engaging in Americans hating each other. We’re talking about people loving each other. And if you love children, you want to see gun safety. So we’re not talking about, when they’re talking about cable, they’re not talking about “able cable.” That’s what you and I do.

MATTHEWS: I would think that’d be a good way to look at it, sir.

As a little background, this immediately followed Matthews commenting about something the President had said during his speech regarding cable television:

BARACK OBAMA: When I first ran for this office, I said that I did not believe the country was as divided as our politics would suggest, and I still believe that. (Applause.) I know sometimes, when you watch cable news or talk radio, or you browse the Internet, you’d think, man, everybody just hates each other, everybody is just at each others' throats. But that’s not how most Americans think about these issues. There are good people on both sides of every issue. So if we’re going to move forward, we can’t just talk past one another. We’ve got to listen to one another.

Matthews defended MSNBC saying, "I don’t think there’s any problem with taking sides here."

As such, Sharpton claiming that he and his colleagues don't engage in Americans hating each other and that MSNBC is "able cable" is laughable.

This network spews nothing but hatred of its political opponents almost 24 hours a day seven days a week with two of the most hateful being Matthews and Sharpton.

It's of course not surprising that they don't see it that way as they both abdicated any objectivity a long time ago.

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