Is eBay Blocking Auctions Making Fun of Jim Carrey?

After Jim Carrey published a vulgar attack on gun owners Monday, a clever eBayer put an autographed picture of the actor up for auction saying the proceeds would go to buy a gun.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the description of that auction has been changed as have similar listings at the website:

The phenomenon started when an eBay user going by the name of “astrobuzz” listed a “Jim Carrey Autographed 8X10 Photo So I Can Afford a Gun!”

The listing, explained the user, was in response to Carrey’s Funny or Die video in which he disparages gun owners, Second Amendment advocates and deceased Oscar winning-actor Charlton Heston, who once headed the NRA.

THR noted that identical items on eBay typically sell for about $8 and don't generate more than a few bids. Yet by Wednesday afternoon, astrobuzz had gotten 103 bids driving the price up to an astonishing $860.

Then, the item's description suddenly changed late Wednesday, and the bids disappeared. The seller's detailed description of his reason for wanting to sell the item was gone, including all references to the gun he wants to purchase.

As of late Wednesday, the description for the Carrey photo being sold by astrobuzz read: "I'm selling this Jim Carrey autographed B&W photo (mint condition) for purposes I cannot explain because it might be against eBay's Terms & Conditions."

THR pointed out that astrobuzz attracted copycats with some promising to join the NRA with their proceeds and others vowing to pursue classes and apply for a concealed-carry permit.

According to THR, by late Wednesday, the word "gun" had been removed from all the Carrey-related listings.

THR requested a comment from eBay concerning this matter. At press time, none had been given.

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