Lily Tomlin Slams HBO's 'Girls' As 'Too Sexually Focused'

March 19th, 2013 9:59 AM

America's media are almost universally in love with the sexually-charged HBO series Girls.

Not feminist actress Lily Tomlin who told Vanity Fair Monday, "I think it’s too sexually focused. I think it should have a little more range."

"But the sexuality is what is going to bring the big audience, and a lot of young girls, I suppose, puzzling over what to do and what not to do or how to do it," she continued. "One of the fallouts of feminism is that girls became more accessible. Maybe not wisely accessible."

Tomlin went on to address how girls as young as twelve and thirteen are now expected to perform oral sex.

"I don’t think you really love giving boys in general [oral sex] without any feeling to someone you’re not close to," she said. "I don’t try to speak for people that young. I’m not that young anymore. But my own sense of self—I wouldn’t give myself away that easily."

"That’s part of the culture, and I don’t like that it’s put on teenyboppers and young girls," Tomlin continued. "They should be developing themselves in a different way than just being sexually accessible."

As a father of a college-aged daughter, I couldn't agree more.

However, our society today - especially the media - see it quite differently.

Consider all the awards this program has won or been nominated for and it's clear that girls having random acts of sex is praised by Hollywood.

If only there were more feminists such as Tomlin willing to speak out against it.