Letterman: Half of Romney Supporters Just Want to See Chris Matthews Cry Like a Baby

CBS Late Show host David Letterman took a humorous swipe at MSNBC's Chris Matthews Friday.

In a recurring segment riffing on Zogby polls, Letterman said that 51 percent of people supporting Mitt Romney are doing so because they "Want to see Chris Matthews cry like a baby" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

DAVID LETTERMAN: Why do you want Mitt Romney to win the election? 23 percent said, “He'll fix the economy," he’ll fix the economy. 26 percent said, “Overturn ObamaCare.” And 51 percent said they “Want to see Chris Matthews cry like a baby.” He’s very, very histrionic that Chris Matthews.

To be honest, that's not one of my primary reasons - but I'm certainly looking forward to it.

For his part, this wasn't the first time Letterman's taken a swing at Matthews' pathetic biases.

After the first presidential debate, Letterman played a video of the Hardball host's head exploding. This came days after Jay Leno played a video of a straight-jacketed Matthews being taken away by men in white coats.

It's nice to see that it isn't only conservatives that think Matthews is a total joke.

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