Shocking HuffPo Headline: 'Anger Grows In Outer NY Boroughs, NJ Over Sluggish Response To Sandy'

With just four days to go before the elections, and Obama's media doing everything within their power to ignore the subject of Benghazi, Libya, you would think they'd also be turning a blind eye to disaster relief problems in areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.

That's why I was shocked to see this headline at the Huffington Post a few hours ago: "Anger Grows In Outer NY Boroughs, NJ Over Sluggish Response To Sandy."

As you can see, the top of the Post's front page listed article after article of bad news from the region.

Not what you would expect from a publication devoted to the re-election of Barack Obama.

Far more surprisingly, the Post is covering Sandy's aftermath somewhat similarly to the more right-leaning Drudge Report:

The Huffington Post mirroring the Drudge Report.

It's dogs and cats living together.

Or is it?

Remember, this storm has impacted media members on both sides of the aisle.

For folks working in the New York tri-state area, it's very difficult to ignore this tragedy even if you haven't been financially or structurally affected.

Does that therefore mean that irrespective of the elections in four days, the media are actually going to report on-going disaster relief problems through Tuesday?

If so, will they do it in a fashion that doesn't reflect negatively on President Obama, or will they just report the facts?

That question would obviously be far easier if the current White House resident were Republican.

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