Space Jumper Felix Baumgartner to Jimmy Fallon: 'Holy [Bleep], I Can’t Believe To Be On Your Show'

Space jumper Felix Baumgartner was so excited to be on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Monday that his first words had to be bleeped by censors.

After the introduction, Fallon joking yelled at his guest, “Felix, welcome back to Earth. How was the trip?”

Baumgartner responded, “Holy [bleep], I can’t believe to be on your show.”

Fallon laughed and said, “That’s what you thought of when you first jumped out the capsule, yeah?”

“No, but I’m such a big fan,” Baumgartner said. “Let me tell a little story. A couple of years ago when I was in L.A. working on this project, I was watching TV, and you were performing Justin Bieber. You did the song “It’s Not My Baby.'”

“At that moment,” Baumgartner continued, “I was falling in love…with the show not with you.”

Actually, after that jump, I think billions of people around the world have fallen in love with him.

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