Chris Matthews: If Obama's 'Getting Beaten Again' in Debate, People Will Switch to Yankees Game

MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Tuesday made a rather startling prediction about viewers of the upcoming presidential debate.

"If it looks like [Obama's] getting beaten again, they’re going back to the fourth inning" of the Yankees-Tigers American League Championship game (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: I say it’s the first two minutes. People are watching the Yankees game from eight to nine. They’re going to tune this in at nine. They’re going to be a little late, but they’re going to be looking to see the tone of it. If it looks like the guy’s getting beaten again, they’re going back to the fourth inning.


MATTHEWS: Anyway, thank you John Heilemann, thank you Joan Walsh, and David Corn. The guys agree: it’s baseball first if this guy blows it.

Yes, the liberals on set agree. However, moderates and conservatives around the country will likely stay with the debate if Mitt Romney is winning because they know this is far more important than baseball.

We'll learn the truth when the ratings come out.

Stay tuned.

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