Coulter Tells Maher 'You're Watching MSNBC and I Would Not Trust Them to Give You the Truth'

Conservative author Ann Coulter made minced meat out of Bill Maher Friday.

As HBO's Real Time host spewed Democrat talking point after Democrat talking point, Coulter told him, "You're watching MSNBC, and I would not trust them to give you the truth" (video follows with transcript and absolutely no need for additional commentary):

BILL MAHER, HOST: Now that Mitt has moved so far to the middle.

ANN COULTER: He has not.

MAHER: What?

COULTER: He has not.

MAHER: He did change a lot since we saw him in the last...

COULTER: No, he has not.

MAHER: What?

COULTER: He’s flipped on one issue his entire life and he flipped in my direction and I'm happy about it.

MAHER: What issue was that?

COULTER: Abortion.

MAHER: Buh, buh, buh?


MAHER: He flipped on it twice this week. First he said, “I will not sign any bill that would be anti-abortion.” Then he said, “I would sign every bill that would be anti-abortion” the next day. I mean, my question is…

COULTER: Well, that was obviously a slip of tongue. I mean, on your description of it, he would not sign any bill and then he would sign it. I didn't see it, but on your description. No, he has been solidly pro-Lfe for a decade.

MAHER: He definitely flipped on regulation. He flipped on pre-existing conditions. He flipped on a number of…

COULTER: No, he hasn't.

MAHER: Really?


MAHER: I must be watching completely different people…

COULTER: Yeah, you're watching MSNBC, and I would not trust them to give you the truth.

MAHER: I'm watching people speak English on the debates. I'm just watching English. I’m not, I’m not. [Cheers and applause] Alright, but…

COULTER: They're watching MSNBC, too, and that's why you don't know what Mitt Romney believes because the motto of MSNBC is “In other words,” and they'll tell you what they think Romney believes. That's why people liked him so much in the debates because he saw him and he said the same thing. And I supported him in 2008. I ran off with a biker. I came back to him, and there's only one thing he's ever flipped on.

MAHER: Look, I did an interview with Ted Koppel recently. He was asking because he did one with you the day before or something. I told him, I said, “If I watch MSNBC all day, I want to marry Ann Coulter and join the Tea Party.” So, I know what you’re saying.

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