Chris Matthews: 'A Clear Victory for Joe Biden'

It was widely believed after last week's horrible debate performance by Barack Obama that the media were going to gush and fawn over Vice President Joe Biden at the conclusion of Thursday's debate with Paul Ryan regardless of how either one of them did.

Holding up his end was MSNBC's Chris Matthews who moments after the debate's conclusion said, "A clear victory for Joe Biden" (video follows with transcript, file photo):

MATTHEWS: I went through each one of the topics that they discussed these two guys. And it was a great debate. And first of all, Martha Raddatz was wonderful. A couple of points, I think the way I’m scoring it, and I hope this is clear: on Benghazi, I give it to Ryan; on economics, I give it a draw; on Medicare, all Biden; on taxes [sic] fairness, all Biden; on Afghanistan, another draw; on Syria, another draw; on abortion, all Biden. He wins three big ones. Another one, on the closing, I draw that even. They both did closing. On points, clearly O’Biden [sic], a clear victory for Joe Biden, looking at the key issues people care about…On the big issues that matter to the people, clear victory for Joe Biden, and that’s why I give it to him. He did what he had to do.

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