Obama Jokes About Debate Performance at Hollywood Fundraiser

President Obama made a joke about his debate performance at Sunday's lavish, $25,000 per person fundraiser at Hollywood's Nokia Theater.

After noting the event's musical acts such as Jennifer Hudson, Jon Bon Jovi, Katy Perry, and Stevie Wonder "perform flawlessly night after night," Obama quipped to laughter and applause, "I can’t always say the same."

Some additional highlights from the transcript obtained by Fox News's Greta Van Susteren included:

BARACK OBAMA: The last thing we can afford right now is four years of the very same policies that led us to this crisis in the first place. I cannot allow that to happen. I will not let it happen. That’s why I am running for a second term for President of the United States, and that’s why I need your help. (Applause.)

I have seen too much pain and too much struggle to let this country go through another round of top-down economics. One of the main reasons we had this crisis in the first place is because we had big banks on Wall Street that were allowed to make big bets with other people’s money on the line. And now, Governor Romney wants to roll back the rules so we go back to that behavior? Not if I have anything to say about it.

One of the main reasons we went from record surpluses under Bill Clinton to record deficits under George Bush is because we put two wars and two tax cuts on a credit card. And now, Governor Romney wants another $5 trillion in tax cuts that he can’t pay for? Not if I’ve got anything to say about it. (Applause.)

Obviously, the Governor knows his $5 trillion isn’t too popular, so a few weeks before this election he’s trying to pretend it doesn’t exist, because that’s a lot easier than trying to explain how he’d pay for it without asking middle-class families to pick up the tab. The other night he ruled out asking millionaires and billionaires to pay even a dime more in taxes to help us bring down our deficit. Not a dime. When he was asked what he’d actually do to cut spending, he said he’d go after public television. So for all you moms and kids out there, don’t worry, somebody is finally cracking down on Big Bird — cracking down on him. (Laughter.) Elmo has made a run for the border.

Governor Romney plans to let Wall Street run wild again, but he’s bringing the hammer down on Sesame Street. (Laughter.)

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