Anderson Cooper on Wolf Blitzer's New Look: 'Next Thing You Know He's Going to Say He's Gay'

Anderson Cooper clearly isn't pleased with colleague Wolf Blitzer stealing his Clark Kent eyeglasses look.

On NBC's Late Night Tuesday, Cooper quipped, "Next thing you know he's going to say he's gay."

Toward the end of his interview with the CNN anchor, host Jimmy Fallon said he had a bone to pick with someone at Cooper's network.

Fallon then showed a picture of Blitzer in his new glasses next to one of Anderson in virtually the same pair.

"It's like I've seen those glasses before," commented Fallon. "He's stealing your look!"

"I have been rocking these glasses now for a good two years," Cooper responded. "But all of a sudden, Blitzer shows up with that."

"He's taking your look," added Fallon. "The hair is getting whiter."

"Next thing you know he's going to say he's gay," Cooper joked.

(HT Huffington Post)

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