Chris Matthews: 'Romney Was Winning. If He Does Five More of These Nights, Forget It!'

Judging from the reaction by the commentators on MSNBC, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had a big night during Wednesday's debate with Barack Obama.

Shortly after it's conclusion, one of the President's biggest fans said, "What was Romney doing tonight? He was winning. If he does five more of these nights, forget it" (video follows with transcript):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: What was he doing tonight? He went in there disarmed. He was like, “An hour and a half and I think I can get through this thing, and I don’t even look at this guy.” Whereas Romney, I love the split-screen, staring at Obama, addressing him like the prey. He did it just right. “I’m coming at an incumbent. I got to beat him. You got to beat the champ, and I’m going to beat him tonight. And I don’t care what this guy moderator, whatever he thinks is, because I’m going to ignore him.”

What was Romney doing? He was winning.

ED SCHULTZ: He was winning tonight.

MATTHEWS: That’s my thought.

SCHULTZ: I was stunned.

MATTHEWS: He was winning. If he does five more of these nights, forget it. Just a thought. Obama should watch MSNBC, my last point. He will learn something every night on this show, on all these shows.

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