Alec Baldwin: 'America Will Never Be Great Again Under a Romney Administration'

With absolutely no surprise, America's Hollywood elites are stepping up to the plate to endorse Barack Obama.

Following Madonna's vulgarity-laden endorsement Monday, and Barbara Streisand's love letter last week, Alec Baldwin took to the Huffington Post to show his support for our 44th president.

"Can America be great again?" the man who often attacks cameramen and reporters asked. "Can it make the sacrifices necessary to right the ship after the Kafka-esque nightmare of Bush-Cheney?"

Baldwin predictably answered, "Four years isn't long enough to undo that amount of damage. I don't know if Obama can do it in eight."

"But I will tell you one thing," Baldwin continued. "America will never be great again under a Romney administration. It will be great for rich people, while everyone else will be asked to dial down their expectations of what it means to be an American, again. Most will just shrug and comply."

Actually, Americans have been dialing down their expectations since Obama was inaugurated.

This is why a record number now believe their children will be far less successful than they were.

But facts don't matter to people like Baldwin. Such was evident in his conclusion.

"I do not think that Obama is any more of a socialist than his predecessors," Baldwin wrote. "He used government to clean up a bigger mess, one made by government; a mess that was made by allowing rich people to use tax dollars to enrich themselves by bringing their 'products' to market at a subsidized price. Subsidized by you and me."

Actually, the "mess" was created by Bill Clinton enacting the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 - which eliminated Glass Steagall thereby deregulating banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies - as well as the Commodity Futures Modernizations act of 2000 - which deregulated the very derivatives at the heart of the housing bubble and resulting collapse.

But liberals like Baldwin don't concern themselves with such inconvenient truths.

They never do and they never will. 

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