Letterman Asks Obama 'Is Your Reelection Pivotal?'

CBS Late Show host David Letterman on Tuesday actually asked Barack Obama if his reelection is pivotal.

The question came during a discussion about the gridlock in Congress and the differing views of the two Parties concerning how to cut the deficit (video follows with transcript and commentary):

DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST: Is, is, and with the current, and my impression of Congress and the Senate that there's no cooperation there. Is that a pedestrian assumption that is meaningful?

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: You know, right now Congress is gridlocked, and it's very difficult to get things done, partly because you've got two very different visions of the country right now in terms of where we're going. You know, when it comes to reducing our debt or our deficit, the view of the Republicans is that we will not increase taxes one single dime on anybody, especially the wealthy. And the Democrats' view is is that we're prepared to make some cuts, but we've also got to ask folks who've done best over the last decade to do a little bit more. Until you kind of get everybody in the same place where you recognize all of us have to give a little bit, it's going to be hard to move things forward.

LETTERMAN: And is your reelection pivotal in this? If you’re reelection, if you're reelected, they realize, "Oh, he's not going anywhere, we've got to play ball now?"

Imagine asking a presidential candidate if his election is pivotal.

Not surprisingly, Obama's answer was, "I think it's helpful."

No wonder the President chose to go on this program rather than meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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