Letterman Tells Obama 'You Haven't Seen Me Naked,' Prez Responds 'We're Gonna Keep it That Way'

CBS Late Show host David Letterman actually told the President of the United States Tuesday, "You haven't seen me naked."

During the much-anticipated interview, Barack Obama responded, "We're gonna keep it that way" (video follows with transcript and commentary).

After telling the President he looked great, Letterman began his interview with the most powerful man on the planet with a real hardball question: “How much do you weigh?”

Obama responded, “About 180.”

“180 looks good on you,” replied Letterman. “That’s just about where I am, and I don’t look so good at 180.”

“You know, you look sharp,” objected the President.

“You haven’t seen me naked,” disagreed Letterman.

“We’re gonna keep it that way,” replied the President.

After some laughter, the pair fist-bumped with Letterman saying, “That’s fair enough. Alright, I like that. We'll keep it that way.”

And that’s how Letterman’s interview with the President began.

Heady stuff, huh?

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