Bill Maher Makes Anti-Semitic Joke About Producers of Anti-Muslim Film

HBO's Bill Maher on Friday made an anti-Semitic joke about the producers of the anti-Muslim film some are claiming is responsible for anti-American uprisings around the world.

This hysterically came moments after the Real Time host criticized Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney for politicizing the violence (video follows with transcript and commentary, vulgarity warning):

BILL MAHER: Apparently the person who made this movie originally claimed he was Jewish and got the funding by raising $5 million from a hundred Jews, not one of whom has come forward to ask for a producer credit. So we know that's bulls--t.

Are anti-Semitic jokes actually still acceptable in 2012?

Maybe more importantly, as Maher claimed early in his monologue that this film was responsible for the anti-American uprisings around the world - a statement so absurd only a liberal could believe it! - wouldn't it be appropriate to do a temporary cease and desist from attacking religion in general?

Or is it only Islam America's media feel needs protecting?

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