MSNBC President Phil Griffin's Howler: We 'Live in the World of Facts'

MSNBC president Phil Griffin must be the most deluded executive in the television news industry.

On Wednesday, he actually told the Huffington Post his farce of a network is "about smarts, it's about depth....[our people] live in the world of facts."

"People connect with us," Griffin told the Post.

"It's not about just having your ideas reflected back at you. That is bogus. That is wrong. It is about trusting people who do their homework, who know it, who live in the world of facts. They connect with all these people. There is a personal connection between our hosts and our audience. They believe in them. They trust them because they do the homework."

I guess Griffin has missed the immutable fact that across the internet, on a daily basis, numerous websites call out MSNBC for its blatant misrepresentations and continuous departures from the truth.

MSNBC has become a joke within the journalism industry, which is saying a lot given the public's low regard for the news media.

But Griffin - who's clearly living in some tightly-sealed bubble protecting him from inconvenient truths - is undeterred.

"I think that there's a difference between us and Fox and a big difference between us and CNN. And that is, we go deeper. We're not afraid to have depth."

Actually, what MSNBC is not afraid of doing is completely misrepresenting the truth for an audience that is as deluded as its president and apparently insists on being force-fed brainless propaganda to make them feel better about themselves and their opinions.

You know what they say - ignorance is bliss.

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