John Cusack: 'Is Obama Just Another Ivy League A--hole?'

September 3rd, 2012 7:49 AM

"Is the President just another Ivy League A--hole shredding civil liberties and due process and sending people to die in some s--thole for purely political reasons?"

So asked perilously liberal actor John Cusack Saturday in an article published by Truthout:

Mr. Obama, the Christian president with the Muslim-sounding name, would heed the admonitions of neither religion's prophets about making war and do what no empire or leader, including Alexander the Great, could do: he would, he assured us "get the job done in Afghanistan." And so we have our democratic president receiving the Nobel Peace Prize as he sends 30,000 more troops to a ten-year-old conflict in a country that's been war-torn for 5,000 years.

Why? We'll never fully know. Instead, we got a speech that was stone bullshit and an insult to the very idea of peace.

We can't have it both ways. Hope means endless war? Obama has metaphorically pushed all in with the usual international and institutional killers; and in the case of war and peace, literally.

To sum it up: more war. So thousands die or are maimed; generations of families and veterans are damaged beyond imagination; sons and daughters come home in rubber bags. But he and his satellites get their four more years.

Powerful stuff. Cusack even called out the media for their complicity:

Under Obama do we continue to call the thousands of mercenaries in Afghanistan "general contractors" now that Bush is gone? No, we don't talk about them... not a story anymore.

Nope, because such things under a Democratic president loved by the media are now ignored:

There will be a historical record. "Change we can believe in" is not using the other guys' mob to clean up your own tracks while continuing to feed at the trough. Human nature is human nature, and when people find out they're being hustled, they will seek revenge, sooner or later, and it will be ugly and savage.

In a country with desperation growing everywhere, everyday — despite the "Oh, things are getting better" press releases — how could one think otherwise?

Of course, despite any of his concerns, one can rest assured Cusack will still be voting for Obama in November.

As such, this entire exercise is to ease his conscience as he aids and abets the man doing these evil deeds.

Funny how that works, isn't it?

(HT Dan Gainor)