Jimmy Fallon Asks Nancy Pelosi 'Have You Ever Seen Paul Ryan With His Shirt Off?'

NBC's Late Night host Jimmy Fallon on Friday asked former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) if she's ever seen Paul Ryan with his shirt off.

This came in response to Pelosi saying of her fellow Congressman, “I don't really know him well because I've never been to the gym” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Halfway through his interview with the former Speaker, Fallon said, “Now, how about Romney's pick, Paul Ryan? What are your thoughts on him?”

“He's a nice person,” responded Pelosi. “I don't really know him well because I've never been to the gym.”

After the laughter died down, Fallon asked, “Have you seen him with his shirt off?"

Pelosi said with some obvious embarrassment, "Oh, please."

"It's pretty awesome," Fallon continued. "The guy is ripped. Yeah. The guy is ripped.”

“It takes time,” answered the former Speaker.

“It does,” agreed Fallon. “The P90X is very tough. I got the DVDs. I made it to the first part. Then I just put on Finding Nemo."

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