Chris Matthews: Romney 'Created a Real Frankenstein’s Monster Putting Ryan on the Ticket'

For well over a week now, the folks on MSNBC have been throwing conniption fits over the selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's running mate.

On Thursday, Hardball host Chris Matthews actually said, "They’ve created a real Frankenstein’s monster in putting this guy on the ticket" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: This is the last thing the Republican ticket wanted to be talking about. They’ve got a time bomb here that they thought they were just going to talk about the economy and the budget. They’ve created a real Frankenstein’s monster in putting this guy on the ticket with this background, supporting personhood and criminality of abortion.

So let's try to understand the logic here.

The Frankenstein monster for those too young to remember killed innocent people. Yet Matthews is claiming that Ryan and folks like him that believe abortion should be illegal because it is the killing of an innocent baby are akin to a killer?

This ignores the immutable fact that those opposed to abortion believe they are saving lives.

I guess this is too complicated for Matthews, especially as he appears to be really scared Obama's going to lose; with each passing day, his commentary on Hardball gets angrier and angrier.

I sure hope he doesn't hurt himself with all this rage inside of him.

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