Casts Public Service Ad With Non-Union Actors

In today's "You Really Can't Make This Stuff Up" segment, the far-left propaganda machine is making a new "Oath" public service announcement.

The casting call published by specifies that only non-union actors need apply (emphasis added):

URGENT - MoveOn 'Oath' - PSA 'Oath' - PSA. This casting is for a very reputable organization.

Casting Date: TBD or based on submissions
Shoot Date: THIS Wednesday, August 8th or THIS Thursday, August 9th
Calltime: Call time is expected to be "approximately" 9PM and shoot will be approximately 10 hours.
Location: Time Square area in NYC

Project Type: PSA
Union Status: Non-Union
Pay Scale: $250 for Body Double. $100 for Background role
Posted Date: 8/3/2012 4:52:36 PM
End Date: 8/6/2012

Just in case the attention this will get precipitates a change to the casting call, here's a screencap:

Now THAT'S entertainment. observed Saturday:

[T]he noble progressives at MoveOn are only accepting submissions from non-union talent. Because, you know, if they used union talent, they’d have to pay union wages...And, once again, the left displays its steadfast dedication to upholding a set of principles as long as those principles don’t impact the pocketbook of the left. Bravo!

Bravo indeed!
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