Michael Steele Schools David Corn on Media's Hypocritical Handling of Obama and Romney Flip-Flops

Since President Obama flip-flopped on his position on same-sex marriage last month, NewsBusters has reported extensively on how the media cover such policy changes differently when made by Republicans such as Mitt Romney.

On MSNBC's Now with Alex Wagner Thursday, former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele gave the perilously liberal David Corn a much-needed education in this very fact (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

In the middle of a discussion concerning the political aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare ruling, Corn asked, “Where has Romney demonstrated leadership? He did it when he was a governor on the mandate issue. But where has he since?”

“I think the President’s statement that we talked about earlier today, he talked about his idea of leadership,” continued Corn. “He had to change his mind in order to do this.”

“You sure it wasn’t a flip-flop?” asked Steele.

“It was not politically popular,” added Corn.

“This is the narrative,” countered Steele. “You give this, you know, noble aspiration to Obama making this move without any political calculation at all, where if Romney makes those kinds of moves, you’re the first one out here saying that he’s flip-flopping on an issue.”

“But this goes to the broader point of definition,” continued Steele, “of how these guys have allowed themselves to be defined. And I think Romney up to this point has ostensibly been defined as someone if he changes his mind, it’s a flip-flop. If Obama changes his mind, it’s because it’s progress whether it’s on immigration or this.”

Actually, as it pertained to same-sex marriage, the media reported it as the president "evolving" on the issue.

Yet, as Steele correctly stated, whenever Romney "evolves," it's a flip-flop, and maybe more important, an example of him supposedly not having any "core values."

As always with the liberal media, what a difference a "D" makes.

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