Chris Matthews: 'In North Carolina a New PPP Poll Has Romney Up By 2 - That’s Not Good'

Chris Matthews on Tuesday's Hardball gave viewers a preview of what's going to happen on MSNBC the next five months any time a poll comes in showing Mitt Romney leading President Obama.

"In North Carolina a new PPP poll has Romney up by two - that’s not good" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: New poll numbers from a key battleground state, Pennsylvania. Let’s check the Hardball scoreboard. Here it is. According to a new Quinnipiac poll, President Obama has a, this isn’t big, a six point lead over Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania, 46 to 40. That’s not great. The President’s not yet over 50 in Pennsylvania, a state he won by ten points in 2008, and needs to win fairly comfortably.

And in North Carolina a new PPP poll has Romney up by two - that’s not good. 48 to 46. It’s Romney’s first lead in the PPP poll in the Tar Heel State since October.

Have MSNBC anchors been told by their superiors to just drop any pretense of impartiality at this point and just flat campaign for Obama as if they worked for him?

"That's not good."

For who, Mr. Matthews? For who?

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