Dunce Bill Maher: U.S. Is Fifth Worst in the World in Income Inequality

In this week's "How Dumb Is Bill Maher" segment, the Obama-supporting comedian actually said on HBO's Real Time Friday that the United States ranks fifth worst in the world in income inequality.

Actually, we rank 43rd (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Shortly after the panel segment began Friday, Maher asked his guests, “How bad is income inequality going to get when unions disappear altogether?”

Michael Brendan Dougherty, the politics editor at Business Insider, replied, “It’s going to get much worse.”

“How could it get much worse?” asked Maher. “I mean, right now we’re fifth in the world, fifth worst in income inequality.”

Where did Maher get this figure?

Well, that's anybody's guess for according to the CIA's World Factbook, America currently ranks 43rd.

That puts us better at this statistic than over 30 percent of the nations ranked by the CIA.

Some notables with far worse income inequality include Thailand, Hong Kong, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, China, Peru, and Argentina.

So, once again, as he does virtually every time he's on television, Maher was not only wrong about something he arrogantly claimed as fact - he was dead wrong.

Keep up the bad work, Bill!

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