Fareed Zakaria Asks Manny Pacquiao: Is it Wrong to Make Millions While People Are Starving in Your Country?

Boxer Manny Pacquiao is one of the most beloved figures in his native country the Philippines.

During an interview to be aired on CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS Sunday, the host asked him if "there is something wrong with somebody in the Philippines" making as much money as he does "when people are starving" in his country (video follows with transcript and commentary):

FAREED ZAKARIA, HOST: You know, there are reports, your Forbes magazine, other places say you make tens maybe more millions of dollars, $40 million one year. Philippines is a very poor country. Do you think that there is some, there is something wrong with somebody, with somebody in the Philippines making that much money when people are starving in your country?

What a disgusting question to ask someone.

As an anchor for CNN, Zakaria likely makes far more money than most Americans. He's quite likely part of the "one percent" so to speak.

Since people are also starving here, doesn't that make him wrong for earning so much?

Rich liberals never seem to grasp that hypocrisy when they point fingers at others that are financially successful.

Fortunately, Pacquiao had a marvelous response:

MANNY PACQUIAO: It’s hard to judge, but in the Philippines it’s very, you know, it’s poor country, and the problem is, the major problem is the corruption. And we’re fighting for that and to give, to show, to show the people that I’m the one, I’m one of the honest public servant in the Philippines.

Nicely said.

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