Comedy Central: 'Conservative Hashtag Games Are Ruining Twitter'

Warning: Remove all food, liquids, and flammables from proximity of your computer before proceeding.

The folks at Comedy Central actually published an article Thursday with the headline "Conservative Hashtag Games Are Ruining Twitter":

Today Former White House Press Secretary Bill Burton attempted to start a hashtag game called #RomneyYachtNames. It's so unfunny and forced, it's exactly the kind of thing that would trend on Twitter. And it did, but not the way Bill Burton intended.

Conservatives hijacked the hashtag and soon started their own called #ObamaYachtNames. Never mind the fact that that barely makes sense. [...]

But that's not the only conservative hashtag game that's caught in this week. Just in the past few days, the ones I've seen: #MorePopularThanObamaBudget, #ObamaInHistory, #ObamaFirsts, #LowerUnderObama, #ObamaBedtimeStories, #HomophonesforObama. If you feel like punishing yourself, just scroll down @MichelleMalkin Twitter feed. Re-tweeting the unfunniest garbage tweets she can find is apparently a hobby of hers.

For her part, Malkin quickly responded via Twitter:

Malkin elaborated further via email:

"Twitter conservatives are doing the comedy that Comedy Central won't do. They're feeling the heat of real competition and rather than out-funny their competitors, the only thing they can do is whine. has been curating and chronicling the hashtag wars -- and preserving them for posterity -- because political narratives matter. The perception that the Left dominates story-telling, meme-creating, and social media is now busted on a daily basis in a transparent and permanent way. And the progressive tools at Comedy Central who fashion themselves the arbiters of cool and the kings of comedy can't stand that their monopoly is dead. LOL!"

Tabitha Hale, Director of New Media at The Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, also commented via email:

"The truth is, we had a lot of catching up to do after 2008. Fortunately, this administration has provided constant motivation to push back in defense of free markets, and it's been inspiring to see so many people rise to the occasion. One of the most effective ways to get a message out is through humor, and that's what these Twitter wars are... they're funny because there's truth behind them. Comedy Central's response is just glorious - conservatives have figured out how to leverage the Internet in politics and we are beating the Left at their own game. I expect even more wailing and gnashing of teeth as we go through this year."

Speaking of humor, as noted Thursday, this Comedy Central posting by Gonzalo Cordova has prompted a new hashtag - #FunnierThanCordova.


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