NBC Pulls 'Rock Center' From May Sweeps, Might Not Be Renewed In Fall

All together now - aaaawwww.

TVNewser reported moments ago that Brian Williams' prime time NBC show Rock Center, which just last week featured an exclusive with President Obama et al concerning Osama bin Laden's assassination, is being pulled for May sweeps and might not be renewed this fall:

In its place, the network will broadcast reruns of “Law & Order: SVU.”

“Rock Center” may be back on the air May 30, though NBC hasn’t released its schedule for that week yet.

Somewhat more concerning for the program: TVNewser hears that “Rock Center” will likely not be part of NBC’s Fall lineup when the network reveals it at its upfront next week. Instead, “Rock Center” will likely serve as a replacement show, stepping in for any other program that fails to catch on with viewers.

As Williams announced at the end of Wednesday's show the program would be off for a few weeks, you have to wonder whether he was aware of any future schedule constraints or was out of the loop.

Regardless, this really is very disappointing. Now Williams can only propagandize the nation before prime time starts.

I guess judging from Rock Center's ratings, America thinks that's enough.

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