Romney Scolds Reporter: 'Aren't There' Important Issues 'You'd Like to Talk About?' 'Economy?' 'Jobs?'

With the economy stalling and unemployment stubbornly above eight percent, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is getting sick and tired of answering questions about social issues.

On Wednesday, when he was barraged with questions about such earth-shattering issues as legalizing marijuana and in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants, Romney scolded his interviewer, "Aren't there issues of significance that you'd like to talk about? The economy? The growth of jobs? The need to put people back to work? The challenges of Iran?" (video follows with commentary):

In reality, the answer is "No."

Since January and the media's complicity in advancing the White House's contention that there's a Republican "war on women," the press have been doing everything in their power to distract attention from the vital issues facing the nation.

This was exactly the point I made to Don Lemon on CNN Newsroom Saturday:

"Three weeks ago, Reuters/Ipsos did a poll asking for people's top priority in this election. And 53 percent said jobs and the economy, fourteen percent said health care, nine percent said family values. Nowhere in this mix was gay rights issues.

"I think the reason why we're talking about this, and the reason why it has exploded on Mitt Romney is because the economy is terrible, the Obama administration, the Obama campaign don't want to talk about the economy. They want to talk about extraneous issues, and conceivably important ones, but not issues that the public are extraordinarily concerned with."

Days later with the President flipflopping on the same-sex marriage issue, it now seems a metaphysical certitude we're going to spend at least another week on this matter.

Anything to avoid talking about the elephant in the room.

The real question is whether or not the media can continue with this shameless misdirection right through Election Day.

Stay tuned.

(H/T Hot Air)

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