Stephen Colbert Calls Charles Krauthammer 'Count Chocula'

Can you imagine a liberal comedian demeaning the appearance of a physically handicapped, Pulitzer Prize-winning, liberal syndicated columnist?

On Thursday, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert called Charles Krauthammer "Count Chocula" (video follows with commentary):

As liberals hold the Pulitzer Prize in tremendously high esteem, I wonder if Colbert knew Krauthammer has been bestowed this award.

And was the comedian aware that Krauthammer became a paraplegic as a result of a car accident while he was attending Harvard Medical School?

If Colbert knew this, would he still ridicule Krauthammer's appearance?

Assuming the answer is "Yes," now imagine Krauthammer was a liberal paraplegic who won the Pulitzer Prize.

Seems a metaphysical certitude no left-leaning comedian would ever mock such a person's physical appearance.

But liberals are the more tolerant, aren't they?

(H/T Mediaite)

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