Obama's 'Truth Team' Features MSNBC's Ed Schultz Trashing Mitt Romney

Just how in bed with Barack Obama is MSNBC?

On Wednesday, the President's campaign website - under the hysterical rubrick of "Truth Team" aka "Keeping GOP Honest" - published a video featuring Ed Schultz trashing presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Mitt Romney says he wants to extend low interest rates for Americans with student loans. But his policies not only cut Pell Grants—they also lock in the higher interest rates for student loans. Take a look at what college costs would look like under Romney, and then spread the word to your friends.

The video is called "Mitt Romney Versus Reality: Student Loans Edition."

After a clip of the former Massachusetts Governor saying that he supports extending the current low interest rates on student loans, the video moved to one of Schultz refuting Romney's view with information from - wait for it! - the Huffington Post.

The video concluded with the subtitle, "Reality: College would be more expensive under Mitt Romney."

So now the nation's biggest media shills for Obama are going to be tapped by his campaign to supposedly tell the truth to voters.

Does the White House REALLY want to associate itself with a man that has said or done the following in the past twelve months?

Is this REALLY the kind of person you want doing fact-checks for your campaign?

If your name is Barack Obama, the answer apparently is "Yes."


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