Letterman Asks Michelle Obama 'Has Your Husband' Ever Said To You 'John Boehner, What An Idiot?'

It didn't take long for Republicans to get bashed during David Letterman's interview with Michelle Obama Monday night.

In the middle of an election year, the CBS Late Show host actually asked the First Lady, "Has your husband ever come home and said to you, 'Oh, that John Boehner, what an idiot?'” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

After Mrs. Obama laughed along with the audience, she responded, “It has never happened. Never, never. He is always upbeat, particularly about Congress.”

Now imagine for a moment Laura Bush on with Letterman late in her husband's second term.

Can you envision Letterman asking, "Has your husband ever come home and said to you, 'Oh, that Nancy Pelosi, what an idiot?'”

No. Neither can I.

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