Maher Insults Alabama and Mississippi Voters: 'Toothless Tuesday Too Tight to Tally'

HBO's Bill Maher on Tuesday took a disgusting cheap shot at Alabama and Mississippi voters.

With all eyes on Republican primaries in those states, Maher sent a message via Twitter saying, "Toothless Tuesday too tight to tally!"

This came just days after he and his Real Time panel mocked poor people in Mississippi.

Their behavior was even too offensive for Roseanne Barr who tweeted Tuesday, "I was really disheartened to see how Pelosi's daughter& Bill Maher portrayed southern americans-classism at its best by H'wood elitists."

Barr followed this up with, "southern folk are not all toothless idiots or racists, unlike what bill maher &pelosi's daughter want us to think."

You know what they say - when you've lost Roseanne Barr...

Readers are reminded that this is the same man that gave $1 million to Barack Obama's Super PAC.

The President has to be so proud of this supporter.

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