Maher Responds to Limbaugh: I Can Call Palin C-word Because 'I Don't Have Sponsors - I'm on HBO'

On his radio program Friday, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh called for President Obama to return the $1 million that Bill Maher gave to his Super PAC due to the vulgar things the comedian has called Sarah Palin.

Maher haplessly countered this on HBO's Real Time later in the evening saying, "Rush, I don't have sponsors - I'm on HBO" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary, vulgarity warning):

Not surprisingly, Maher began his monologue Friday with the media-created birth control controversy and Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke.

That of course led to him bringing up the current liberal hysteria over Limbaugh joking about her being a slut and wanting her to make videos for taxpayers funding her birth control.

"Today, Rush Limbaugh tried to drag me into this bulls--t he caused."

Maher then explained that he had recently given $1 million to pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA Action, and "Rush Limbaugh says I have to give that money back, or he has to give that money back - it's not really him, it's a Super PAC - anybody, somebody's got to give it back because, you know, I sometimes call Sarah Palin a bad name."

A bad name? As NewsBusters reported, he called her a "dumb twat" and a "cunt."

He continued, "This analogy breaks down in so many places I can't even begin except let's just start with this - Rush, I don't have sponsors - I'm on HBO."

Predictably, the idiots in Maher's audience applauded this.

So, the line in the sand on decency is only crossed if you have sponsors? Without them you're free to attack anyone in the nation with total impunity?

Pretty preposterous especially as HBO has sponsors - the millions of people who pay for the subscription.

Also of note, Maher's C-word reference to Palin wasn't said on HBO. It was at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas thereby making his absurd sponsors defense completely moot.

But Maher not surprisingly missed Limbaugh's point:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: For those of you tuning into this program to find out what's going on, there is a central element of the whole Sandra Fluke story that you are not being told in the mainstream media. We've discussed it repeatedly here, but it's not part of the reporting in the mainstream version of it. But Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, just said that Obama finds the attacks on Fluke to be "reprehensible, disappointing, personal and crude." So I ask Jay Carney: Will President Obama now give back the $1 million donation that Bill Maher just gave his super PAC? You want to get some tapes of some things that Bill Maher has called Sarah Palin?

The C-word over and over again.

Bill Maher and some of his comments make me look like Romper Room, a choir boy. So will Obama be giving back Bill Maher's money? Not just Bill Maher. Look at how they have characterized Sarah Palin all of these years. The media included! I know Jay Carney will not be asked. That's why I'm asking: "Will Obama give back Bill Maher's money?"

Consider, too, that Obama called Fluke to express his support for her given Limbaugh's remarks.

If the President is so offended by what Limbaugh said about Fluke - so much so that he actually called her - how can his Super PAC possibly accept money from a man that has said far worse things about a former governor and major American political figure?

Sadly, such thinking is far too complex for Maher.

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