Trump Calls MSNBC's O'Donnell 'Dumbest Man on Television' - 'Poor Man's Ed Schultz'

With the number of numbskulls on the airwaves today, I'm not sure I'd called MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell the dumbest man on television.

But that's how real estate tycoon Donald Trump referred to the "Last Word" host on Twitter Thursday also calling him the "poor man's Ed Schultz...and Al Sharpton":

Lawrence O'Donnell will soon have another cancelled show to go along with his three cancelled TV series, "Mister Sterling", "The Kill Point" and "First Monday". @lawrence is a poor man's Ed Schultz (who replaced @Lawrence) and Al Sharpton. He was moved to 10PM due to bad ratings and taken off Friday due to being totally irrelevant. He desperately needs to keep making up false statements about me to get attention. Without clips of me, his show would be completely dead and he knows it. As I have said many times before @Lawrence is the dumbest man on television. He is only angry because I would never have wasted my time doing his completely irrelevant show.

As the Huffington Post observed Thursday, this is just the latest salvo in an ongoing feud between the two.

As for who the dumbest man on television is, Al "Resist We Much" Sharpton probably beats O'Donnell for this dishonor.

Who's your pick?

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