Donny Deutsch: 'American Public Is Never Going to Like' Gingrich or Romney

MSNBC's Obama-loving contributor Donny Deutsch said Wednesday the American public is never going to "like" Republican presidential candidates Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney.

Appearing on Morning Joe, Deutsch asked, "When was the last time we elected an angry president, and when was the last time we elected a president people didn't connect with?" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):"

As the Morning Joe crew discussed Tuesday's State of the Union address and its possible impact on the presidential campaign, Deutsch observed, "There's another thing we're also discounting. At the end of the day, for different reasons, the American public is never going to like Mitt Romney - from a majority point of view - or like Newt Gingrich."

Deutsch asked, "When was the last time we elected an angry president, and when was the last time we elected a president people didn't connect with?"

This is what's called manufacturing a self-fulfilling prophecy, and of course, Deutsch isn't alone.

What we've been hearing for months is that Gingrich is angry. Is he? Why, because he has the nerve to aggressively criticize the President along with the media that adore him?

And what if it's true? Aren't many Americans similarly angry? Isn't that what's being expressed at Tea Party rallies, Occupy protests, and town hall meetings?

In 2008, candidate Barack Obama tapped into the public's fears following the financial and economic collapse. He rode this all the way to the White House.

Maybe in 2012, Gingrich is tapping into the public's anger that despite the world having not come to an end as hyped, their personal financial situation isn't any better.

BUT, they, their children and their grandchildren owe a heck of a lot more money due to the current president's unprecedented spending on things that either haven't worked or weren't important to them.

As for Romney's connectivity or lack thereof, this is a similar charge the media levied against George H.W. Bush in 1988. They ended up being wrong.

The reality is the liberal press are always coming up with reasons why people shouldn't vote for Republicans.

Now that the race appears to have narrowed down between Gingrich and Romney, the goal of the media will be to convince the public that one is too angry and the other is too rich to be like them.

Funny how wealth doesn't bother liberal press members when there's a "D" next to a candidate's name.

It certainly wasn't a problem for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Kennedy, or most-recently John Kerry. 

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