Chris Matthews Calls Republican Voters 'Lemmings'

A day after calling South Carolina GOP voters racist, MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Wednesday referred to the Republican electorate as "lemmings" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I wonder how the lemmings in the Republican electorate, they’re not all lemmings, but the ones who are will say, “Wait a minute. I’m supposed to vote for the guy whose turn it is, who has won the first two, but wait a minute, he didn’t win the first two? How am I supposed to vote for him? Do I still vote for the guy who won the first one and the third? And if I don’t vote for him in the the third one’ – as you point out, Mark – ‘he will have lost two or three.’ They get very confused in terms of this automatic, robotic kind of voting here of voting for the guy simply because he got voted for.

So Republican voters aren't only racists, they're also lemmings. The attack now is not just against the candidates but also the people considering voting for them.

Matthews probably feels this is acceptable because he qualified his statement with "they're not all lemmings."

Hope that makes you feel better.

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