Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Joy Behar's 'A Closet Republican - She's Just Not Ready to Come Out'

The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck said Thursday that co-host Joy Behar is a closet Republican.

Such occurred after NBC Late Night's Jimmy Fallon asked her, "Is it hard to be the only conservative on The View? I mean, basically you're getting into arguments every single day" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Fallon followed, "Gosh, that must be stressful."

"I think there were stressful times," said Hasselbeck. "We won't describe them, but they were there."

One quite imagines how stressful things were with Rosie O'Donnell on the set.

"Now," continued Hasselbeck, "things are not so stressful. You know, I think we have a friendly table."

"I love all the girls on The View," interjected Fallon.

"They're great," said Hasselbeck. "Joy's a closet Republican - she's just not ready to come out with it yet."

Fallon's crowd didn't believe her.

Do you?

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