Bill Maher Admits His Audience Are 'Brainwashed Liberals'

A truly marvelous thing happened on the season premiere of HBO's Real Time Friday.

Host Bill Maher admitted that his audience are a bunch of "brainwashed liberals" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL MAHER, HOST: The one guy in the political scene now who really is the one who I applaud, I really rise out of my chair and applaud, is Ron Paul when it comes to this. He’s the guy, and he…

ROB REINER: Just because he would let you smoke pot.

MAHER: Yes he would.

REINER: That’s the only reason you like Ron Paul.

MAHER: That’s not the only reason.

REINER: That’s the reason.

MAHER: The other is what he said, you know, he says things that at almost every Republican debate, the rest of the people in the audience and on the stage who look at him like he has three heads. And one of the things he says is, “We got an empire, and we should bring all the troops home.” He’s the one who is really in my heart on foreign affairs, not Barack Obama.

[Mild applause]

REINER: Only a smattering you got on that, Bill. You notice that? It was a small smattering.

MAHER: Because they’re brainwashed liberals.

REINER: Okay. That’s who you attract.

MAHER: Maybe they [laughs].

I couldn't have said it any better: "Brainwashed liberals."

Thanks for admitting what most of us have known for years, Bill.

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