Joy Behar Ends Final Show in Bed With Joe Scarborough

Comedienne Joy Behar ended her final HLN show Thursday evening with a takeoff on the marvelous last episode of the hit series Newhart.

"I had a terrible dream," said a startled Behar in bed after turning on the light (video follows with transcript and commentary):

"I dreamt I had my own TV show and I kept repeating the same stories over and over again," she continued. "Day after day, night after night, it wouldn't end."

The body next to her - played by MSNBC's Joe Scarborough - replied, "Baby, baby. It wasn't a dream. It's cable news. Now go back to bed. I got to get up in a couple hours."

Feeling comforted, Behar said, "Oh, okay. Pleasant dreams, dear," and turned off the light.

Seconds later, Behar scolded, "Joe, not tonight. I have a headache."

Scarborough replied disgustedly, "Damn!"

Now I ask you: even as part of such a humorous spoof, what self-respecting conservative would want to play that role, even if it helps his ratings?

Funny stuff, though.

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