Rudy Giuliani and Piers Morgan Want Campaign to Get Drunken Alec Baldwin Back On Twitter

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and CNN's Piers Morgan want a campaign to get actor Alec Baldwin back on Twitter.

As they discussed Baldwin's now infamous plane incident on Piers Morgan Tonight Monday, the host noted, "When he's had a couple of glasses of wine at midnight, he's absolutely hysterical" on the social networking website. Even more comically, Giuliani agreed (video follows with transcript and commentary):

PIERS MORGAN, HOST: That was Alec Baldwin on "Saturday Night Live" talking about his dustup with American Airlines over his outrageous decision to play words with friends on his phone. You're chuckling away there, Rudy. It was all a bit of a storm in a teacup, wasn't it?

RUDY GIULIANI: It sure was. I sympathize with Alec on that one because I'm a kindle almost addict. And I get really annoyed when I have to turn it off while the plane is taxiing out, because you have the off switch on. It's not communicating anything.

I have on occasion tried to explain to flight attendants, it's like a book. It doesn't communicate. But they don't -- they haven't seemed to have caught up with the technology. There is no danger, because nothing is communicating to the Kindle. It's in the memory of the Kindle. So maybe the FAA should revisit this rule. So I have --

MORGAN: Rudy, you're the perfect guy to ask, because I'd imagine you know all about this kind of technical stuff. As far as I'm aware, there's never actually been any evidence that even if you have these devices on --


MORGAN: -- they have any effect on a plane's radar systems. Do they?

GIULIANI: I don't believe they do. I suspect in an airplane, half the people have their cell phones on, on any airplane that's taking off or landing. And nothing happens.

But Baldwin's case is actually better than that. He had the off switch on, which means it wasn't communicating. A Kindle operates so that you get your newspapers and you get your books downloaded into the Kindle. You then put on the off switch. Now it's in the Kindle. You're not communicating at all. You have a book in front of you.

That's the part that I think there is absolutely no evidence and there's nothing particularly logical about the fact that that would interfere with anything.

MORGAN: The thing -- there's been spectacular fallout, because Alec Baldwin has now removed himself from Twitter, thus depriving me of hours of aimless fun with him at night. Because when he's had a couple of glasses of wine at midnight, he's absolutely hysterical.

So I think we should launch collectively the bring back Alec Baldwin to Twitter campaign, Rudy.

GIULIANI: I'll join that. I think Alec's problem here was he overreacted. Maybe he should do a kind of a version of "Anger Management 2" with Adam Sandler. That might be a good movie for him. They could do one on an airplane. He could get into trouble and then he could go into anger management.

Since I had a small part in "Anger Management 1," maybe they'd let me reprise my old role in "Anger Management 1."

MORGAN: I love it. Now we're getting somewhere.

Given his previous hysterical drunken Twitter episodes (here and here), I would likely join a campaign to get his account reactivated.

All those in favor?

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