Jon Stewart: GOP Debate Set 'Looks Like the Inside of Betsy Ross's Vagina'

Is there anything left that's sacred to liberal media members?

On Tuesday, the "Daily Show's" Jon Stewart mocked the previous day's Republican presidential debate by disgracefully saying the set "looks like the inside of Betsy Ross's vagina" (video follows with transcript and commentary):


JON STEWART, HOST: Now can we have a debate?


WOLF BLITZER, CNN: Ladies and gentlemen, please rise now and join recording artist Diana Nagy as she leads us in the national anthem.


STEWART: Oh for f—k’s sake.


Come on. We get it. Everyone there loves America


For God’s sake, the debate set already looks like the inside of Betsy Ross’s vagina.


From what I’ve been told.

Honestly, isn't there a better way for a supposedly brilliant political satirist to poke fun at the patriotism on display at the debate - assuming he must! - than to stoop to playground genital jokes about a treasured national figure?

It really is quite a commentary on the state of the nation that Stewart is considered one of the brightest comedians on the landscape. This is what I would expect to hear in the men's room awaiting the kickoff of a high school football game - maybe.

Yet his supposedly high-brow, better than the rest of us audience eats it up like the finest caviar.

Makes you wonder if he's playing up or down.

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