Media Myth Debunked: Almost No Temperature Records Broken in Last Week's 'Record-Breaking Heat'

All last week, global warming-obsessed media were rife with reports about record-breaking heat.

Problem is, according to the National Climatic Data Center, and marvelously reported by the Hockey Schtick Sunday, almost no temperature records were actually broken:

[T]he NOAA database of all-time Max Temperature...shows that there were no records broken on July 17, July 18, July 19, or July 20th. A total of 4 stations broke records on July 21, 20 on July 22, and 10 on July 23, 2011.

That's right. There were only 34 new all-time daily temperature records set during last week's "record-breaking heat."

This is out of over 6000 records previously set for each day since such things have been reported.

For instance, the four set Thursday were out of 6,219 historically for that day. This represented only 0.06 percent.

On Friday, 20 records were set out of 6,108, or 0.3 percent.

As you can see, the actual records broken were statistically insignificant.

Yet a Google search of "record-breaking heat July 2011" produced almost 35 million results.

That's more than a million stories per new record set.

Seems the exaggeration at play is even greater than the number of Americans now claiming they attended Woodstock.

Makes you wonder if all these so-called journalists were smoking something last week as if they were still at Max Yasgur's farm.

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