Is Al Sharpton Replacing Cenk Uygur on MSNBC?

People unfortunate enough to be watching MSNBC since Keith Olbermann was forced out in January have noticed a tremendously unqualified "Young Turk" in the 6PM slot that used to be occupied by Ed Schultz.

For the past two weeks, Al Sharpton has filled in for the supposedly vacationing Cenk Uygur, and according to TVNewser, this might be permanent:

TVNewser hears Uygur may be moved out of the 6pm hour, possibly to be replaced by Al Sharpton. When the host changes happened earlier this year, the 6pm hour was simply known as “MSNBC Live,” a telling sign that MSNBC was trying out Uygur.

Sharpton has hosted the 6pm show for the last two weeks. This past week, the hour was second, to Fox News, in A25-54 viewers Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

I guess that would make his metamorphosis from street protest agitator to media darling complete.

As for Uygur, NewsBusters has been rather critical of his performance in the 6PM slot, and would by no means be surprised if he was ousted.

Frankly, he was so hapless the program was unwatchable.

That MSNBC is considering a far-left race-baiting huckster like Sharpton as a replacement would also not be the least bit surprising.

His kind of hate-filled left-wing propaganda will fit in just fine at MSNBC.

MSNBC Cenk Uygyr
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