Michelle Obama First Public Figure on 'Better Homes and Gardens' Cover in 48 Years

"Better Homes and Gardens" hasn't had a public figure on its cover in 48 years.

With President Obama's approval rating plummeting along with the nation's employment picture, they must have figured now was the time to break with tradition and do an ultimate exposure puff piece on his wife:

Better Homes and Gardens will feature First Lady Michelle Obama on the cover of its August issue - the first public figure to grace the magazine's cover in 48 years.

Obama will be the focus of an article on healthful eating for children. The issue will hit newsstands July 19.

Editors from the magazine, which is owned by Des Moines-based Meredith Corp., and the first lady co-hosted a picnic in May for D.C. fifth-graders. The magazine features photos of the picnic and an interview with Obama about her efforts to promote healthful habits.

Americans better prepare themselves for wall-to-wall Obama cover stories between now and November 2012 not just about him but also his family.

If you thought the media pulled out all the stops in 2008, you ain't seen nuttin' yet.

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