Chris Matthews Says 'D--king Around' Five Days After Halperin's Suspension

In the wake of Mark Halperin's suspension by MSNBC for calling President Obama the D-word, there have been numerous vulgarities aired on the network further proving his offense wasn't what he said but who he said it about.

After MSNBC allowed numerous F-bombs during its Independence Day coverage of the Casey Anthony trial, Matthews uttered a D-word of his own on Tuesday's "Hardball" (video follows with transcript and commentary, vulgarity warning):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: The world’s watching Greece last week, and the parliament finally got its act together and pushed through a serious budget. All of a sudden the world was at ease and we had a serious sense of relief.

You don’t think they’re going to be watching the most important country in the world, us, when we start dicking around with stuff, and we don’t get it done? You don’t think they’re not going to notice we’re not getting it done? That it’s four o’clock in the morning and it’s August 3rd or August 5th or August 8th and we still haven’t gotten it done? You don’t think they’re not, there’s going to be a world watching this and saying, “They’re blowing it? There’s something wrong with America today?”

So, five days after Halperin was suspended for calling Obama the D-word, Matthews used a version of it to describe all of our national elected officials if an agreement isn't reached on the debt ceiling.

This came a day after numerous F-bombs were broadcast during MSNBC's Independence Day coverage of the Casey Anthony trial.

Speaking of F-bombs, MSNBC intentionally aired one during last Monday's "The Last Word."

Yet the only MSNBCer to be suspended or disciplined in any way so far was been Halperin.

It sure seems vulgarity is quite acceptable on this so-called "news" network - as long as it's not directed at the President, that is.

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