Howard Kurtz Bashes Sarah Palin With His Own Ignorance Of Insurance Mandates

CNN's Howard Kurtz took a cheap shot at former Alaska governor Sarah Palin Friday via his Twitter account.

Unfortunately, the joke's on him for his mocking of the former vice presidential candidate conveyed to his 73,000 followers his own total ignorance of insurance mandates:

How addle-minded.

What folks like Kurtz conveniently ignore is states that have car insurance mandates don't require all of their citizens to own cars.

As such, it is not a mandate to purchase car insurance. It is a mandate to purchase car insurance only if you own and drive an automobile.

This is a distinction media members like Kurtz for some reason can't grapple with.

Beyond this, in states with such requirements, the car owner is mandated to purchase liability insurance only. This insures that if the driver inflicts medical or property damage upon another individual with his/her automobile, he/she has insurance to cover those damages.

However, states do not require car owners to purchase collision or comprehensive insurance which covers damages to one's own health and property.

This is another important distinction, for the individual mandate associated with ObamaCare is a requirement for people to insure health risks to themselves not others.

This is part of what many on the right believe to be un-Constitutional, something the Supreme Court will decide some time soon - we hope.

Therefore, there is absolutely no similarity whatsoever between these mandates, and someone of Kurtz's intellectual capacity should not only be aware of this, he should also not be assisting the disinformation campaign the President and his Party have been imposing on the citizenry for over two years.

Quite the contrary, as a so-called journalist, he should be at every turn trying to dismantle this immoral strategy by providing the public with the truth whenever possible.

This is especially important when some of his loyal Twitter followers take his word as Gospel and retweet this nonsense to others.

Ironically, Kurtz sent this rather insightful message eight minutes before his Palin bash:

Now that's something we can all agree on.

Please give your brain a much-deserved time out, Howie, along with your computer and Twitter account.

If not for yourself, do it for the sake of the nation.

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